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 Our Family's Grown

New Premium Vapor Pens

Ready-For-Use and Packed with our 100% Plant-Based Organic CBD and Organic Terpene Formulations You Love. 

At SimpliHemp, we are a familiy-owned business that has an unwaivering passion for creating 100% natural, plant-based hemp products.

Our Promise To You: 

  • To Never Use Any Artificial, Synthetic Ingredients In Our Products.

  • To Create 'Entourage Effect' CBD Products That Have Zero-THC.

  • To Design Professional, Medical Grade Branded Products.

  • Stand Behind Our Products. Thus, If Requested, Refund a Client 100%. At Any Time.

  • Produce Products That Are Driven by Science & Data.


A Powerful Formulation For Rest and Relaxation Support.

Rest & Relaxation

Wind down with Rest's blend of Organic CBD, & Organic Terpenes Myrcene (from Apples) Linalool & Terpinolene.


Our American-Grown CBD Isolate has a purity of 99%+, is void of any THC, and is certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO & Kosher.

Natural Coconut & Vanilla 

SimpliRest's carrier fluid is the popular super-fluid, MCT oil. We also infuse SimpliRest with all-natural Coconut & Vanilla flavoring.


Fight Anxiety and Support Your Mood with Our Tranquil Formulation.

Mood & Anti-Anxiety

Find tranquility with our synergistic blend of Organic CBD, Limonene, Linalool and Myrcene. 


SimpliTranquil uses the same 99%+ CBD Isolate as Rest & Tranquil. Clean, American Grown wellness in it's purest form. 

Natural Orange & Vanilla

Again, we use MCT oil derived from Coconut Palm as a carrier fluid for SimpliTranquil. Flavoring consists of all-natural citrus orange and a hint of vanilla.


Find Comfort and Promote Anti-Inflammation, Repair & Pain Relief. 

Relief & Recovery

Slide into comfort and recovery mode with Relief's blend of Organic Terpenes A-Pinene, B-Caryophyllene, Myrcene & 99%+ pure CBD.


Consistent with Rest & Tranquil, Comfort uses 99+% pure, american-grown CBD void of any THC.

Natural Coconut & Vanilla

SimpliComfort is rounded out with MCT oil as our carrier fluid and a hint of all-natural coconut and vanilla flavoring.